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Qualify your web traffic

We qualify the web traffic of our partners as white label.

Plug&Chat, we integrate our chat bubble directly, quickly, free of charge and without technical security constraints.


A customer centric approach

We qualify the web traffic of our partners directly on their websites as white label.

Our remote advisors are trained in customer relations but also in the automotive sector and in the DNA, values and products of our partners.
They precisely qualify consumer needs thanks to attentive listening and personalized support.

On the front line, they chat 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to midnight.

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Fully customizable chat bubble

Widget, header, welcome text, scenarios and design, everything can be customised to match your brand.

The custom header allows you to showcase your latest products,
offers or news.

Privacy by Design
Tracking and DMP APIs.

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Only receive th profiles displaying a high propensity to buy

Generate highly qualified profiles delivered in less than 1 hour directly into your CRM, PRM, LMS, CDP via the implementation of a real-time API.

Up to 25 to 35 DATA segmentation fields to help your sellers guide their offer:

  • Model
  • Motorization
  • Vehicle use
  • Desired financing (identification of the contribution, monthly budget)
  • Time of purchase
  • Recovery (registration, photo of the gray card and the vehicle)
  • Etc…

Leads are 100% Opt-in for phone and email.

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Benefit from our data expertise

And from our algorithms to segment all offline and online prospect and customer data for analysis, measurement and media activation purposes.

Enriched chatbot

Create a link between the chatbot and the human agent, to offer your prospects a smooth and seamless experience.

Enriched with a unique automotive database, it is able to accompany your customers in their search, regardless of the level of detail they share.

Fully customizable, it can be easily integrated into your chat bubble without technical constraints. It can be adapted to your needs and design.

The chatbot takes over from the human being, who remains of added value to the customer journey, both in terms of support and understanding the customer's purchase. It can also be used for the recovery of the expression of customer satisfaction.
API connectors

API +40 existing connectors

Integration of your qualified automotive leads directly into your
Recovering leads made easier for your teams.

Our developers teams create and adapt APIs to your needs:

  • Customization of controls
  • Customization of connectors
  • Customization of recovery channels
  • Tracking

Qualify my web traffic

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